Do you feel comfortable submitting information through an unsecured web site?  Did you know that another party could intercept information submitted through an unsecured web site?

At American Debt, we take security very seriously.  We understand that the data that you are submitting is private and should remain as such.  To ensure privacy, we employ SSL technology for data encryption.  SSL technology is the leading encryption method used for safe and secure transmissions over the internet.  With SSL encryption, data transmitted through our web site will not be seen by anyone else on the internet.

Furthermore, the SSL technology is certified by Verisign, the World’s #1 provider of Secure Server Id’s.  With a Verisign digital certificate, our web users are assured that they are conducting business with a legitimate organization.  In fact, Verisign requires a Dunn and Bradstreet or other legal documents in order to receive a Secure Server Id.

American Debt understands the importance of security and therefore has and will continue to do its very best to protect your personal information.